Wanna record every precious moment quick and simple? No tedious installation, no balance adjustment, no cumbersome storage, even no need for tiring editing. SMOOTH-XS comes with its compact size and powerful features, making your daily filmmaking smartly and easily.

Young, So Colorful!

Elegant Design: Comfortable in Hand

With smooth and exquisite-lined design coated with anti-slip rubber, SMOOTH-XS comes with a sleek body and super comfortable hand feeling.

Easy Slide, Easy Pack

Slide out to quickly start shooting and slide back to easily pack in the pocket.

More than fun.

Hands Busy? Gestures Ready!

Get control of your gimbal whether in hands or not. Now taking a photo or recording a video is as easy as showing a V gesture.

Shoot as You Like

Simplicity is king. SMOOTH-XS allows you to get ready for shooting within seconds. A single click to Portrait Mode to start live streaming anytime anywhere.

260mm Telescopic Rod: Call for MORE!

MUST-HAVE for those who like to throw a party. With a 260mm telescopic rod, see what you can get? More views, more friends, more fun!

Always at the Center of Attention

select the desired object and let SMOOTH-XS do the rest, always keeping you in view so that you’ll never walk off the screen and ruin the almost-done shots.

Simply Trendy

The trendy design of SMOOTH-XS makes it beyond a gimbal, but a new fashion item that can suit your everyday look, a gimbal that can record you as well as showing yourself.

Unlock SMART Filmmaking

Transitions. Camera Movements, Color Grading...SMART Mode can do all for you.

SMART Mode offers a plethora of built-in templates integrated with customized movements, music, and other special effects. Now, everyone can be a master of filmmaking. Click to learn more about the App.

LiveStream Master

We created a new way of Livestream here. Just by allowing ZY Cami to run in the background, you can make it a plug-in that enables cross-platform interaction, unlocking face tracking on a native system camera, beauty camera, social media, and Live apps.

Track Your Face, Track Your Moment

Using ZHIYUN stabilizer and ZY Cami to track your face, experiencing unexpected fun of hands-free filmmaking. It’s also compatible with a third-party app that allows you to track your face while recording. A selfie-Vlog now can be realized easier. Lock your face in the center of the screen regardless of making a selfie or Live. (The tracking permission of the back camera will release later.)

Pro Your Editing

Pair your videos with exciting tunes, add diverse effects, and transitions for more dynamic videos.
Select the videos you love to start creative editing.
Professional editing tool to help you make refined videos.
Share with your friends instantly!

Unlimited Creativity

Pano, slow-mo, timelapse are all available at your fingertips, unleashing your creativity with ZY Cami!

Unlock SMART Filmmaking

Native Camera & Beauty Cam Supported

Direct control to native phone camera and selfie App with Bluetooth connected.

Power Up Your Day

5.5h-long runtime plus power bank charging supported, SMOOTH-XS has the non-stop power.
*The runtime acquired under laboratory environment. The actual runtime may vary slightly.

Useful and Caring Accessories

Customized colorful tripod, storage bag, and hand strap to facilitate your shooting.